For every new show, our teams
reinvent themselves to push
human and technological

The making of our shows begins years before their Grand Opening. For every new show, every new performance, our teams reinvent themselves, seek fresh inspiration and look for new talent. Finding balance between tradition, experimentation and the eternal pursuit of pushing human and technological boundaries.

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Our Studio is our creative core and surrounds our Artistic Director, Franco, all the way through the creation and production process. Our artists and craftsmen all contribute to every little detail featured on stage with the greatest care. Our architects design theatres tailor-made for the shows. Our illustrators bring thoughts to life. Lighting designers, choreographers, composers, associate directors and other creative designers hand picked from the four corners of the world work alongside our Artistic Director and extend his creative impulse. While our Casting team travels the world to hold auditions and our Costume workshop dresses each one of our artists on stage.

Our Studio

Illustration & Video
Architecture & Design
Creative Designers