& Design

The technical heart of Dragone: translating blueprints into iconic spaces.
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From the scenic space where our artists perform, to the seating space for our audience and the outdoor architecture of the theater, they are all crucial components of our spectators’ experience.
Our Architecture & Design team is the technical heart of Dragone: they design and engineer theatres, machinery, and scenic and acrobatic apparatus. From the very first drawings to the first day on the construction site, and all the way to the opening night: they develop designs based on the first artistic inspirations, produce technical documents, monitor the theatre development and make sure it is ready to welcome the show.
And then there’s the machinery inside the theater: lights, sound, smoke, lifts, water jets, rigging, … Each show is a ballet of mechanics and automation. This sophisticated, computerized machine is huge. But like every machine, it must be tuned according to each movement.