TERHAL Press Release

Dragone Creation TERHAL will open in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia on March 2, 2023

DIRIYAH—International cultural creation and experience design company Dragone is debuting a world first in collaboration with the Saudi Ministry of Culture as they reveal their latest creation, TERHAL. This most recent Dragone creation is the first production of its kind in the Kingdom: an original, live theatrical spectacular that honors and celebrates the rich culture of Saudi Arabia by featuring a combined cast of local Saudi artists working alongside international artists and collaborators from over 20 different nations. TERHAL features acrobatics, stunts, aerial performance, and dazzling special effects alongside traditional Saudi art and dance, all brought together by the authentic and contemporary theatrical storytelling that only Dragone can deliver.

The cast of over 60 Saudi artists and 60 international artists leads the audience on an adventure that explores ambitions, dreams, and the vital role the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s heritage and people play in shaping the future. The Journey follows Saad, a young Saudi studying in Riyadh, as he travels across time and place to encounter friends, danger, and the intensity of nature, all to discover that the key to the future lies in the country’s heritage. TERHAL isn’t just a captivating piece of theatre, but a theatrical celebration of the beauty and talents contemporary Saudi Arabia shares with audiences for the first time ever.

The show will open on March 2 in a newly constructed theatre built for the show. The Saudi Ministry of Culture has been a strong and generous partner to Dragone in shaping the process and creation of this theatrical and cultural masterpiece. TERHAL will be the first Dragone creation to open since the passing of Dragone founder and Artistic Director Franco Dragone. With his involvement through much of the process, it is a particularly special show for the Dragone organization, with every team member striving to honor his legacy in every aspect of the production.

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Perhaps best known for reinventing a genre of spectacle theatre that forever changed the face of live entertainment around the world (A New Day, Le Rêve, House of Dancing Water, La Perle, etc.), Dragone’s creations play to sold-out houses and receive standing ovations each and every night.  Creating shows of all shapes across continents, Dragone continues to humbly embrace local cultures to entertain and wow global audiences. Its vast portfolio includes permanent shows in tailor made spaces, and other signature experiences.

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