WUXI, China

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WUXI, China


— Franco Dragone

We found the perfect balance between romantic elegance and groundbreaking technology.

Splendor showcases an ancient Chinese story of love and war using the newest designs in theater technology in a harmony of stunning innovation and classic tradition.

Splendor is a breathtaking, 21st century production of an ancient Chinese story of the beautiful and brave Xi Shi, reimagined as an electrifying and enchanting new show.

The audience will be brought back in time and immersed in the battle of two kingdoms, as the exquisite Xi Shi sacrifices everything for the love and honor of her people.

The age-old story is retold with the newest advances in theater technology, as tradition and innovation merge to create a riveting evening of song, dance, martial arts, and humor, celebrating one of the four great beauties of China and the wonders and of the majestic Taihu Lake.

The distinctive 2000-seat theatre was created by Steven Chilton Architects to fully immerse the audience using massive LED screens.

Walking in, you will immediately notice the distinctive 360-degree viewing of the center stage which tilts during the show.

The exterior barely looks out of place with its bamboo forest design. Each of the exterior supporting columns is meant to evoke a shoot of bamboo leading to a creative roof design that emulates the leafy forest coverage.

Each “leaf” is randomly oriented to mimic nature and contribute to the bamboo forest aesthetic.

8 numbers-based facts about the show, theatre, unique feats the performers perform, or costumes e.g. “25 meters—the height the divers jump from” or “6 meters of scale, outspread wings—The total width of the butterfly costume, ready to fly away.”




Who Franco Dragone surrounds himself with for the performance, why he wanted to create the show, and how the show was brought to life through inspiration, design, and/or technological achievement.

In order to pull off the blend of technology and stunning acrobatics Franco Dragone built a team of exceptionally talented international artists from China in addition to experienced lighting technicians, theatre producers, and set designers.

This performance production was focused on immersion through the use of kinetic parts and the huge LED screens that surround the audience. No other Dragone show has this many scenic and prop pieces as well which have all been beautifully crafted by the creative set designers.

“We found the perfect balance between romantic elegance and groundbreaking technology… The ancient story of Xi Shi retold in the 21st century in an unprecedented way. ”
– Franco Dragone


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Founder & Artistic Director of Dragone

Amy Tinkham

Show Director

Damien Long

Director of Creation

Christopher Childers

Associate Show Director

Bian wentong

Set Designer

Patrick larsen

Kinetic & Set Designer

Yang donglin 阳东林

Costume Designer

Zeng wei 曾卫

Make Up Designer

Patrick Neys

Video Content Designer

Olivier Legendre

Lighting Designer

Anthony lee


John Brady

Human Performance Designer

Sebastian Hammond

Sound Designer

Michael Brennan


AnnMarie Milazzo

Assistant Composer & Lyricist

iconic live shows and entertainment dragone

Liang Mang 梁芒

Chinese Lyricit

Cecilia Arnauld Rachner

Casting Director

Phenix (Sheau Fon) Lin

Movement Director

Yabin Wang 王亚彬

Choreographer Consultant

He Jingde (Jaden)

Martial Arts Choreographer & Supervisor

Lassaad Saidi

Theatre Master

Wayne Wilson

Comedy & Character Director

Johanna Sapakie

Assistant Human Performance Designer & Aerial Choreographer

Martin Sak

Head Coach

Andi Pema

Percussion Coach

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