Transform your location into a destination by embedding iconic entertainment into your service offering.
iconic live show and entertainment dragone

Destination Theming
& Theme Park Design

Themed Parks are the flagships of a country’s domestic entertainment offering. Dragone sees a future for destinations where the transitions between rides, attractions, and events are enhanced by scenic anecdotes and human performances with sophisticated theming.
Visionary investors see the value in the creation of truly unique experiential offerings. The investment in iconic entertainment maximizes the chances of survival for destinations looking to offer their guests something outside the norm, something unexpected.
We have imagined some of the most ambitious experiences the world has ever seen.
Creating unforgettable, unexpected experiences takes courage, vision, and technological innovation. We have proven time and time again that we’re world leaders in this sphere.
Take your visitors on a journey at a destination they’ll never forget with Dragone.

Distinct in its design. Universal in its appeal.

iconic live show and entertainment dragone


Imagine the thrill of an escape room with dark ride elements. Or interactive live shows that aren’t just observed, but lived. The merging of entertainment sectors allows spectators to experience brand new worlds that are different to anything offered before.
To create something extraordinary, you need to push the limits of what’s possible. By thinking outside the box, Dragone creates experiences that ignite passion, wonder, excitement, and splendour in anyone who participates.

Collector Items &
Merchandising Design

Based on our unique creation process, we offer collector items and merchandising as an auxiliary to our service offering. These items serve as a special keepsake for your visitors – to forever remind them of the characters they met, the wonder they experienced, and the unique nature of your destination.