Dragone imagines the impossible then brings it to life in live shows that leave our spectators spellbound. We partner with investors looking to push the boundaries of human performance, technological intervention, and immersion in the pursuit of splendour.
iconic live show and entertainment dragone


Our portfolio of successful live production shows spans the globe. These renowned permanent shows are the hallmark of Dragone and showcase our creative and industrious spirit.
Dragone has forever changed the face of live performances. We made a splash in the global water-based entertainment industry by combining aerial acrobatics with aquatic performances in a creative display of human performance never seen before.
The purpose-built theatres that are home to our shows designed to allow us to challenge the limits of possibility. These theatres are visually stunning and outfitted with the technological interventions we need to put on our productions, as well as the thoughtful design elements our audience would expect.


iconic live show and entertainment dragone


The rich demand for ‘Dinner and a Show’ allows us to partner with enterprising venues in hot locations to create unforgettable experiences. Each intimate show is thoughtfully designed to take advantage of the unique elements of the space in our pursuit of wonderment.
Dragone harnesses breathtaking backgrounds, stunning scenery, and unparalleled human talent to share cultural stories and memories with guests during intimate theatre performances. Our portrayal of these local stories is designed to be well-received across the broadest demographic.
iconic live show and entertainment dragone

Iconic Events

From spectacular concerts for living legends to world-class openers seen on the world stage, Dragone creates unforgettable experiences that elevate events to icons. Our reputation for conceptual and creative excellence is valued by financial partners looking to share their local culture through spectacular human and technological performances.