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Production / Operation Staff

“Emotions are universal, but stories are local. We carefully fuse the world’s human talents, artistic disciplines and technical innovations to bring these stories to life”

A Dragone Production utilizes a number of production staff to bring their creative masterpieces to life. If you have worked in show production and/or show operations and are looking to join the Dragone universe, we would love to hear from you. 


Please write to us with a letter of application stating “in detail” the shows you have worked on and specific detail of your production/creation or operational experience. Please provide detail on:

  • Your roles and responsibilities in each role you have held
  • The scale of productions you have worked on (and links to references of these shows)
  • Any experience you have working internationally and cross culturally. 
  • Whether you are open for contract or full time work.
  • If your situation allows relocation.


Also share with us portfolios of your work, your CV and any media references you may have for us to review. We don’t want just a CV, we want to know you! So send us whatever you feel demonstrates you and your career.

Applications without the detail above will not be considered.