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Sand Aeration

Dragone’s 2023 production Terhal pioneered a custom-designed theatrical effect using sand aeration.  Dragone created the effect with Luminous Show Technology, based in the UK.

In our research for Terhal, we saw smaller scale experiments with sand aeration on YouTube that made us ask: could we do it on a massive scale?

A transcription of Dragone Senior Creative Director and Terhal show director Filippo Ferraresi describing the effect can be found below.

Okay, so this is the first time we use the sand aeration system in the live entertainment industry…  It’s a system that we have invented.  

Basically, it’s blowing air inside the sand creating bubbles and an effect of quick sand so artists can sink immediately, very fast, inside it… then we can stop it, and they can be tight into the sand…

And then we have also another feature…we have geysers… so sand explosions. 

It’s very nice because we invented that last summer – that’s an idea that came brainstorming with Franco.  

So that’s Franco’s legacy as well.

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