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Coming Spring 2015, the Lido will present a new Revue created by Dragone: a modern twist on the traditional Lido inspired by our muse, Paris.

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Wuhan in China

The Han

The Han Show

“A thrilling celebration of traditional Han culture explored by the most innovative technology.”

The Han show honors the essence of the Han culture, in which international artists present never-seen before dazzling acrobatic performances.

The lantern shaped theater which houses the show has forever changed the landscape of urban Wuhan, the capital of Hubei Province. Inspired by the lines of the original "red lanterns", the theater was designed by the world famous architect Mark Fisher, and his team at Stufish, the studio he founded in 1994.

The imposing building, over 70 meters high and 100 meters in diameter, offers walkers and spectators a real show outside with the ballet of lights illuminating its facade each evening.

The Han Show is Franco Dragon’s most advanced attempt to enchant audiences by combining unprecedented technological innovations and exceptional artistic performances. Giant screens manipulated by gigantic robot arms transform to reveal one thousand and one surprises subjugating the 2000 spectators inside theatre.

Jiaje & Yeming

A young couple comes to watch the show. Suddenly and completely unexpectedly, they are chosen to become the main characters. In the quest for the sacred scroll of wisdom, the inheritance tells the new generation the eternal China, Ye Ming follows a path which leads him to find back Jiaje who is lost in loneliness and grief before knowing the happiness of reunion. No matter how much tumult during the adventure, they are both always guided by love …

Mr. Chou

Inspired by the characters from traditional Beijing Opera, Mr. Chou is the messenger of history that travels freely among the kingdoms on the red planet. Guardian of the young couple, he uses his power to guide and protect them throughout the adventure …

Red Sadows

Curious, naughty, carefree players, Mr. Chou's shadows are everywhere on the red planet, they are the symbol of innocent childishness …

Ding Ding

Incarnation of a strange dream, combining tradition and imagination, past and future, Ding Ding is the god who dances on the rope of time …

Qi Lin

Qi Lin is the legendary unicorn. Known in Chinese mythology, it appears only before the arrival of a sage or an important leader, now he can sometimes be found alongside the Red Queen, and sometimes alongside the Dark King …

Red Face Leader

Red Queen of the Queendom leads the good camp on the red planet. She offers Jiaje and Yeming the scroll of wisdom symbolizing the cultural heritage they are looking for …

The Zodiacs

The 12 Zodiacs, which reflects the movement of Jupiter, are ancient symbols of astronomy system in the Han culture. Here on red planet, they are the sign and witnesses of Jiaje and Yeming traveling through time and history …

Golden Face Leader

The Dark King represents the darkest side on Red Planet. He separates Jiaje and YeMing in order to take her as concubine, he tries to impress Jiajie with the wonders of Kingdom and yet, he is not even successful in raising a smile from her …

White Widows

Jealous, evil, they are concubines of the Dark King who helps capture Jiaje and keep her prisoner in isolation …

Spotlight on theater

An iconic place

Han Show is hosted in a tailor-made theater with two thousand seats. It was designed by the British architect Mark Fisher. More than 70 meters in height and its characteristic designed red lantern shape, which is a well-known element of Chinese culture, have now made the building an iconic feature in the landscape of Wuhan. The internal infrastructure, designed by the Architecture & Design teams of Dragone, are also at the top of technological innovation. All these combined elements offer maximal space for human performance: aquatic, aerial and scenic.

  • 108

    Million cubic centimeters of air are consumed every night by divers during two shows.

    These divers are permanently under water during show to ensure safety, the in and out of artists, as well as those of props.

  • 2000

    Variable geometry seats allow audience to experience the most of the Han Show.

    These seats move during show by using technology unique to the Han Show and its movement allows to change the configuration of interior of theater.

  • 16

    Lifts allow to change from aquatic scene to a dry one.

    These lifts can move 7.5 meters in 80 seconds and can withstand 250 kg per m².

  • 230

    In tons, is the weight of each robot arm which of 32 meters topped by a giant LED screen of 75 m².

    Each of these 3 screens immerses the spectators into the universe of the Han Show.

  • 71,6

    The height of the theater in meters.

    A cylindrical building built on an area of 86,000 m².

  • 8,7

    The depth of the pool.

    It contains more than 10 million liters of water.

  • 230

    Water jets wich can reach up to 16 meters high.

    These jets allow numerous water effects imitating rain or powerful fountains.

  • 46

    This is the height from which artists can fly down.

    The acrobatic elements allows them to reach a speed of 6m/s.

The Building

Focus on


To create the show, Franco Dragone surrounded himself with an international and multidisciplinary team of creative designers. Among them, Americans, Europeans and of course, Chinese designers. The creation process to develop, produce and deliver the show took almost 4 years. And as for each creation, Franco Dragone and his team drew inspiration from the local culture.

"I have immersed myself into China’s culture, history, legends and imagination.
I have let them filter through my sensitivity, my imagination and my history."

Franco Dragone


  • Franco Dragone

    Writer & Director

  • Line Tremblay

    Creation Director

  • Anne Tournié

    Associate to the Director and Choreographer

  • François Seguin

    Scenic Designer

  • Jaque Paquin

    Acrobatic Equipment and Rigging Designer

  • John Brady

    Performance Designer

  • Benoît Jutras


  • Alain Lortie

    Lighting Designer

  • Tim Yip

    Costume Designer

  • Carmen Arbues

    Make-up designer

  • Vikram Kirby

    Sound Designer

  • Denis Lafontaine

    Fountain, Special Effect Designer

  • Patrick Neys

    Contenu vidéo

  • Vincent Engel

    Script Writer

  • Wayne Wilson

    Comedic Character and Act Designer

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