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Coming Spring 2015, the Lido will present a new Revue created by Dragone: a modern twist on the traditional Lido inspired by our muse, Paris.

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Xishuangbanna in China

The Dai Show

Franco Dragone

“The infectious energy of the legends that tell the secret link between nature and men ...”

The Dai Show is a tribute presented by Dragone to a world where man still lives in harmony with nature: they are the Dai people.

In the culture of the Dai people in legends, its softness and fluidity are everywhere, they are like the wave of a peaceful and quiet water that connects us to the cosmos. It is this beneficial energy that nourishes the show which was created in Xishuangbanna in southwest China, on the border of Burma and Laos to a world of lush forests populated with exotic wildlife.

A young boy is thrust into a jungle where amazing creatures live, under their unexpected capacities. Here, he discovers a world that is both fragile and beautiful at the same time: flower girls, strange cockroaches and giant butterflies. It’s here, over the water, where a love story is born.

The Queen Butterfly

She is powerful and frightening, she reigns over the forest by her grip and mystery. She keeps the order of forest, and exerts a magical and sensual spell over the bamboo army.

The Boy & The Girl

He, impressionable, innocent, is a city dweller, young and intrigued by the life of the jungle.

She, appears from a Lotus Flower, is kind of charming leprechaun. Sometimes stubborn and proud, she is also very sweet and endearing.

The Cockroaches

They are in fact escorts of the shaman and carry positive energy. They are little showmen, agile, optimistic and cheerful.

The Caterpillar

With their faces hidden under costumes that cover the whole body, this wise character of sage has the same age as the roots of the forest. Loyal, attentive, they are accomplices and witness of the shaman’s magic and of the fantastic encounter between the boy and the girl.

The Fishmen

They are part of the aquatic creatures at Dai Show. Flying fish, they fly and dance across sky and like to play with water which is their favorite element in forest.

The Hair Whips Girls

Seductive, these girls use their long braid to hit the water and splash the scene along with every single captivating step.

The Fireflies

Fireflies, some call them basket men, they fly over the forest and add a touch of romance and mystery to the adventure, leading the spectators into the enchanted forest.

The Ricefields

With their own particular personality, the rice fields express vividly their emotions through bizarre stillness or funny spinning. They are the playful friends to the girl and the boy.

The Shaman

The King Deer holds the whole story of the forest. His knowledge is inexhaustible: Sorcerer, sage, alchemist, he has traveled a hundred times around the world and among men.

The Hermit Crab

Being an elastic and malleable creature, the Hermit Crab is an inquisitive, and playful character, which will follow the hero quietly throughout their adventure. Sometimes his shell serves as shelter for him, sometimes it can be the treasure box for his discoveries.

Spotlight on theater

An organic building

In collaboration with Dragone’s Architecture & Design department, the architectural company Stufish, has created a unique theater of 1,200 seats, the design and the organic spirit are inspired by the image of the local area. The structure of the building evokes a geometrical pattern which is inspired by the local palm tree leaves and which also integrates Dai style architecture. Inside the theater, evocations of the subtropical forest universe multiply until onto the stage, giving the impression that the jungle can grow and take the stage at any moment.

  • 180

    Seconds are necessary to empty the performance pool basin from its 300000l of water.

    It takes 7 minutes to be refilled. Meanwhile, the water is filtered to be used again.

  • 1806

    Square meters of scenic playground: this is what the performers have to dazzle us.

    So 1134m² of dry area and 672m² of wet area, sometimes completely submersed.

  • 2000

    Hairs have been hand sewn over each spider costume.

    There are 5000 scales on each fish costume.

  • 74

    Number of water jets.

    This impressive amount of fountains offers thousands of different water feature possibilities.

  • 403

    Square meters of invisible area to the spectators.

    That’s the surface available to around 50 of artists to rehearse the show.

  • 1200

    Seats can accommodate the spectators every night.

    The seating, with its 34 VIP seats, circles the round stage and is reminiscent of the traditional circuses.

  • 4

    Meters per second, so more than 8.6 miles per hour.

    That’s the flight speed of the artists hanging on the winch of the rigging.

  • 6

    Meters of scale, outspread wings.

    The total width of the butterfly costume, ready to fly away.


Focus on


Surrounded by an international team and artists from China, Franco Dragone wanted to bring the fluid movement of water, that lulls the old Dai stories and telluric forces of nature in a universal ode, to life. Characters were created and brought to life from the imagination of Dragon Studios illustrator, Martin Leroy, whose shimmering costumes, designed by Nicolas Vaudelet, reflect the mystery and depth.

"Humbly, we fed our imagination with Dai culture and built a unique artistic adventure on this fertile ground, on the water."

Franco Dragone


  • Franco Dragone

    Artistic Director

  • Andre Kasten

    Show Director & Choreographer

  • Leah Moyer

    Show Director & Choreographer

  • Pascal Jacob

    Art Director

  • Yang Li Ping

    Creative Consultant

  • Phenix Lin

    Associate Director

  • Edgar Zendejas

    Acrobatic Choreographer

  • Olivier Legendre

    Lighting Designer

  • Corrado Campanelli

    Sound Designer

  • Jaque Paquin

    Human Performance & Machinery Designer

  • Denis Lafontaine

    SFX designer

  • Michael Brennan

    Composer, Arranger & Orchestrator

  • Nicolas Vaudelet

    Costume Designer & Realization

  • Patrick Neys

    Video Content Designer

  • Ray Winkler

    Set Designer & Stufish Entertainment Architect

  • Carmen Arbues

    Make Up Designer