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Coming Spring 2015, the Lido will present a new Revue created by Dragone: a modern twist on the traditional Lido inspired by our muse, Paris.

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Paris in France

Paris Merveilles

Franco Dragone

“Paris Merveilles, the sparkling revival of an elegant tradition: the Parisian cabaret.”

At the Lido, the enchanting beauty inside the hall is the technical prowess of both human and machine.

In this show, produced exclusively for the stage of Lido and revisited entirely by sophisticated technology, is the dream world of Franco Dragone, which subtly associates conventional disciplines transformed by the director and dressed up by the talent of costume designer Nicolas Vaudelet.

Feathers of swans, stars of Swarovski on Lido’s iconic blue background, leaddancers with long red manes, each tableau is an invitation to rediscover the symbols and places of a legendary Paris, even the stairs of Montmartre with florists of four seasons, in the purest "cabaret" spirit, its DNA is sublimated by Franco Dragone.

The legendary venue at Champs Elysées

An enchanted mechanism

Months of work were required to radically transform the room and historic machinery of Lido inaugurated since 1946. The spectacular art nouveau style staircase, the colossal chandelier that rises from the depths of the Lido, frozen fountains that wake up with the seasons, the mechanical orchestra of 40 instruments: all these scenic elements were reinvented by the technical teams at Dragone and the unique-vision of scenic designer Jean Rabasse; together they have reinvented cabaret.

  • 600

    Costumes were made by Dragone costume teams.

    Every night, 22 dressers and 11 seamstresses at Lido tend to the costumes.

  • 1000

    Hours of designing were needed in order to develop the projections.

    A total of 8 designers worked on it.

  • 100

    Kilograms of ostrich feathers were dyed pink and turned into 27 petticoats for dancers in the tableau Cancan.

    The first time ever this dance has been seen at the Lido.

  • 1132

    Seats for the audience to enjoy the show.

    In a panoramic hall of 2000m².

  • 60

    Artists perform every night on stage.

    Whose equipment was revitalized for the new version of show.

  • 5

    Meters is the height of the one ton chandelier that appears from the depths of the Lido.

    It is decorated with 40 0000 tassels.

  • 2

    Million Swarovski crystals are fixed on the costumes of the famous Bluebells.

    Each element has been glued with hand by the specialist teams at the heart of the costume department.

  • 4

    Months of daily rehearsals before the premiere of Paris Merveilles.

    After more than 2 years of preparation for the artistic concept.


Focus on


For "Paris Merveilles", the dancers of Lido, who were selected after a demanding casting process, have been trained by exceptional choreographers in order to reach a level of dazzling athletic performance. All the artists, dressed in sumptuous haute couture costumes designed by Nicolas Vaudelet and fabricated in the workshops at Dragone in La Louvière, perform in a sparkling visual world of ultra-modern technology: 5 LED giant screen, dazzling visuals and breathtaking effects.

"We can’t enhance the future
while ignoring the past."

Franco Dragone


  • Franco Dragone

    Creator & Director

  • Nathalie B. Szabo

    President of the Lido

  • Jay Smith

    Creative Director

  • Olivier Simola

    Assistant Stage Director & Video Designer «Shadows»

  • Jean Rabasse

    Scenic Designer

  • Nicolas Vaudelet

    Costumes Designer

  • Yvan Cassar

    Music Composer, Musical Arrangements & Musical Director

  • Saule

    Lyricist & Songs co-composer

  • Benoit-Swan Pouffer


  • Patrice Besombes

    Lighting Designer

  • Patrick Neys

    Video Content Designer

  • Corrado Campanelli

    Sound Designer

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