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Coming Spring 2015, the Lido will present a new Revue created by Dragone: a modern twist on the traditional Lido inspired by our muse, Paris.

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Las Vegas in USA

Le Rêve

The director's words

“Le Rêve is a dream to be experienced fully awake, with eyes wide open”

Le Rêve was inspired by an eponymous 1932-painting by Pablo Picasso. Franco’s aim was to create a brand new universe, to beckon people to a world where the theater, performance and the audience become one.

Now performing at Wynn Las Vegas, the show features synchronized swimmers as they glide through the water, performing an elegant ballet.

Aerialists soar through the air and dip into the aquatic stage.

Huge nets rise from the water and high divers make the audience gasp as they plunge nearly 80 feet below. Dance, acrobatics, light and music are all part of the dream that is Le Rêve.

Spotlight on the Theater :

The furthest seat is only twelve metres from the stage. Such arrangement nurtures a unique feeling of intimacy between the audience and the artists on stage.



  • Franco Dragone


  • Koert Vermeule

    Lighting Designer

  • Claude Santerre

    Theatre Designer and Set designer for the «Pièce Montée»

  • Giuliano Peparini


  • John Gilkey

    Clown Scene Designer

  • Jean Pochoy

    Assistant Artistic Director

  • Dacha Nedorezova

    Aquatic Choreographer

  • Michel Crête

    Production Designer

  • Jacky Beffroi

    Aquatic Choreographer

  • Didier Antoine

    Aerial Designer

  • Benoît Jutras

    Composer and Musical Director

Creative Designers

  • Carmen Arbues Miro

    Make-Up Designer

  • Dirk Decloedt

    Assistant Producer and Video Content Designer

  • Claude Renard

    Costume Designer

  • Daniel Léon

    Sound Designer

  • Criss Angel

Creative Contributor for fire and bird effects

  • Yves “Lapin” Aucoin

Contributor to lighting development

  • Mark Goodwin

Lyric Writer

  • Ryszard Kruczynski

    Acrobatic and gymnastic trainer

  • Philippe Chartrand

Contributor to the development of aerial numbers

  • Ben Potvin

    Contributor to the development of aerial numbers

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