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Coming Spring 2015, the Lido will present a new Revue created by Dragone: a modern twist on the traditional Lido inspired by our muse, Paris.

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Dubai in United Arab Emirates

La Perle

Franco Dragone

"A poetic, emotional and dreamlike experience in Dubai, the Samarkand of the 21st century"

A huge living installation, La Perle allows the spectator to participate in the performances of the 65 artists by filling the stage with sound, light and images projected from the stage.

La Pearl is a fairy tale, addressed to all those who want to reawaken the child that lives inside them. The characters are inspired by traditional tales. A prince of pearls, a young fisherwoman, the museum of ancestors and a giant puppet populate the story which remains faithful to the atmosphere of the spirit of Dubai but also refers to a universal time frame, where artists and spectators can confront their emotions.

Everything has been set up to allow the viewer to live experience a unique immersive experience, in an atmosphere deeply marked with the mystery and charm of Dubai, a laboratory of the future at the crossroads of cultures.

The Lion

This fantastic being, born from the traditional Chinese Lion Dance, is the king's pet.


Courageous pearl comes from the real world, foreign to the kingdom, she will live an adventure through time and space to find the love of her life.


His loyalty to the king knows no bounds. A Gladiator with a tender heart he will do everything to protect the Princess Pearl, who he is in love with.

The Butler

One of the King’s trusted aides, who will prove to be vicious and evil. He will try by all means to prevent the king from achieving his goals.


The people of the cyborgs reflect the future; they are recognizable by their bright and very showy outfits.

The King

A greedy and childish pearl collector, he will do everything in his power to make celestial love triumph.

Spotlight on the theatre

The 1300-seat water theater was designed by Jean Rabasse to allow the audience to live an immersive experience. This begins when you enter the theater, with walls that are customized to create and mimic the feeling of a diving into an organic cave.

This intimate experience is reinforced by the spectator's proximity to the stage: a 270-degree vision and only 14 rows place the audience next to the water which is several meters deep and can hold 2,700,000 liters of water. Located in the center of the stage, it allows scenic elements to emerge from it and is the recipient of a succession of high-flying dives.

  • 65

    international artists

    of all disciplines, dancers, circus performers, motorcyclists, made up from 23 different nationalities.

  • 1300

    seats closer to the action

    With a 270 degree vision.

  • 5

    motorcycles in a suspended sphere

    4 meters in diameter.

  • 7

    meters high

    The size of the giant puppet controlled by 7 performers.

  • 8

    meters deep

    To accommodate the high-flying divers and bring out unexpected scenic elements.

  • 2.7

    million liters of water

    The volume of water in the center of the stage.

  • 25


    The height the high divers jump from.

  • 15


    the speed at which the artists fly over the stage.


Focus on


For this creation, Franco Dragone is surrounded by a team of designers from many different backgrounds: music, cinema, theater...During the creation phase, they focused on andemphasized the importance of theatrical play at the heart of human and technological performance. Together, they wanted to create a timeless show, a tribute to the city of Dubai, the crossroads of tradition and modernity, and the laboratory of the future!

"The lastestshow is always the one in which we tried to go further, the one where we tried to put ourselves at risk, to innovate, to move forward. The Pearl is this risk, that of a poetic, technological, emotional, dreamlike experience."

Franco Dragone


  • Franco Dragone

    Director and Artistic Director

  • Pavel Brun

    Associate Artistic Director

  • Filippo Ferraresi

    Director of Creation

  • Michael Brennan


  • Jean Rabasse

    Theatre and Set Designer

  • Patrick Neys

    Video Content Designer

  • Enrico Bagnoli

    Lighting Designer

  • Alain Lortie

    Lighting Design Consultant

  • Philippe Guillotel

    Costume Designer

  • Paul Rubin

    Creative Flight Director

  • Arnaud Pauquet

    Human Performance Designer

  • Maksym Pasiuk


  • Benoit Swann Pouffer


  • Lucas Dragone

    Director of Film and Photography

  • Sebastian Hammond

    Sound Designer

  • Carmen Abues

    Make-Up & Hair Designer

  • Alfredo Silva

    Globe of Death Act Designer

  • Roger Titley

    Puppet Designer

  • Denis Lafontaine

    Special Water & Scenic Effects Designer

  • Anne-Marie Milazzo


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