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Join Us: Dragone Is Recruiting

Join Us: Dragone Is Recruiting

Dragone is excited to announce that the company will be recruiting talents for numerous roles.

Over the past 20 years, Dragone has produced a myriad of legendary shows and experiences around the world. For every new project, Dragone’s teams reinvent themselves to push human and technological boundaries.

Currently Dragone is seeking entertainment professionals, artists and technicians to join our team of hand-picked, eclectic, and multi-disciplinary creatives.

We Elevate Creations to Legends

We are imbued with the DNA of our visionary founder, propelling the ideology forward with avantgarde, transdisciplinary and timeless experiences that will forever live on.

This year, Dragone is celebrating our 20th anniversary of crafting unforgettable performances and looking to pioneer new ways to innovate the entertainment landscape. The aim is always to go where no one has gone before and push all boundaries: human and technological!

We highly encourage interested applicants to apply via www.dragone.com

Ready to join Dragone and elevate creations to legends? Apply today.