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A New Day and New Direction for Dragone

A New Day and New Direction for Dragone

Dragone, the leader in global transdisciplinary productions, is currently engaged in redefining its vision and pursuing new avenues of growth.  

History Until Now 

Since its inception in the year 2000, Dragone is credited with reinventing the live performance genre through technological innovation, artistic inspiration, and unparalleled creative vision. Led by founder Franco Dragone, the company has pioneered iconic live performances with Céline Dion’s “A New Day…” at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, and developed permanent performance masterpieces inside purpose-built theatres (“La Perle” in Al Habtoor City, Dubai; “The House of Dancing Water” in Macau, China). These shows have become monuments in their host cities, attracting global audiences and raising the profiles of the partners involved and the cities they reside in. 

While these productions continue to amaze guests to this day, Dragone is ever imagining the next invention that will “WOW” spectators and push the performing arts further. This unrelenting drive has led the company to create a new blend between theme park and performance (“The Land of Legends” in Antalya, Turkey), allowing spectators to step inside the magic of Dragone’s performances to truly become a part of the story. 

“Our goal at Dragone is to awaken emotions within our spectators. We embrace reinvention, it is at the core of our creative process and essential to the awe-inspiring nature of our productions. Our founder, Franco Dragone, has never shied away from the avant-garde. Each new production is an opportunity to reinvent the genre and ourselves in the process”, said Francois Girard, one of Dragone’s top executives strategically spearheading the direction of the company. 

Rethinking Vision and Direction 

With all of that in mind, Dragone is opening its doors to new partnerships with visionaries who recognize the value in building a lasting legacy. Franco Dragone has said “wherever we go, it is to transform the landscape of the places we take our creations to.” As a cultural creation company, Dragone is interested in reaching new markets with shows of varying sizes. From intimate dinner shows to large-scale, tailor-made theatres, Dragone hopes to bring their transdisciplinary experiences to new spectators globally. 

Dragone sees a clear future in partnering with events, destinations, and visionaries that aspire to create works of art.  

“We are in a continual process of reinvention to ensure that each production advances upon the last, bringing our guests performances at the pinnacle of our artform. Partnering to produce both the intimate and the extravagant ensures that our spectators can experience Dragone no matter where they are.” – Francois Girard 

Dragone has been in a continual process of reinvention and renewal, this is just the next step in a much bigger story unfolding.